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29 de septiembre de 2014

"La Cazadora", traducido al inglés

Mi colega David J. Skinner ha tenido a bien el realizar una traducción al inglés del primer microrrelato de "La Cazadora", el relato que estoy escribiendo y publicando por minúsculos capítulos. Y yo, que estoy más que contento, os lo dejo aquí, por si os apetece leerlo. 

Gracias David.

The Searcher

Redemption is just a point of view — a mood, actually. I don’t know who’s wanting to redeem me of my supposed sins nor why I must do it, but here I am ready for battle; willing to offer my blood and soul to receive forgiveness from a being I don’t even know if it exists. Something here smells rotten; the city’s still smoking so the odor of dead flesh shouldn’t prevail over the burnt smell. There is something wrong, very wrong at this place.

I try to prepare myself for anything stalking into the shadows, among the ashes. I know it’s a wishful thinking because there are things nobody can be prepared for. I’m fed up with Gods and Demons.

Quietly, I untie the straps used for holding my swords to my own back. Quiver is full. The daggers are where they must be. I tauten the string of the bow in a mechanical manner while trying to see anything through the full-moon blurred light around me. It’s useless; I won’t discover what I must find until I’ll strike into it, it’s always the same thing. I’m never aware of my mission before I actually find it, or lost it. First steps are complicated, but the rest of them are unstoppable. And I know once it starts I’ll be unable to go back, like in a very steep slope.

I close my eyes and take a deep breath. One more time, I try thinking of Mika’s face, the small round countenance of my little girl. Each time is more and more hard remembering her; I’m forgetting even the color of her eyes — Damn it!

I cross the fence, just like the Creatures did, not so time ago. Despite a great portion of the city was consumed by fire there’s still blood in the streets, bodies and parts of them; signs of those soulless beasts’ uncontrollable violence.

Sooner or later, I will face them, I’m sure of that. They will try dismembering and devouring me, but they will get an unpleasant surprise: I’m not easy to kill. They will find out that soon. I only hope luck is again by my side and I could, once more, survive to continue forgetting little by little to my daughter and loathing more and more of her captors.

One day, they will find out dealing with me is not such a good idea.

Compass never lies. The building in front of me, surrounded by Creatures, isn’t the one I’m searching; it’s not my final destination. There are people inside. I can feel it same as the beasts do – the Darkers. They need my help and I could help them, but that isn’t my task. I cannot stop. Good luck…

I continue following the path marked by the magnetized arrow, moving me away from the harassed building and its unfortunate residents. They're lost. Sudden winds blows make me shiver so I must cover up with my black leather jacket. I left my cape nearby the motorcycle since it's not a good idea wearing long garments when facing very vicious and tireless monsters.

I'm sorry about them, but actually that distraction could be useful for me; maybe I'll be lucky and conclude my mission without even sweating, not having to stain my hands with their blood nor be scalded by their hungry jaws' acid. “It's a pity”, I say to myself while keep walking among shadows. This town was complete, well defended, fortified and prepared for welcoming travelers and nomads. It was an oasis in the middle of the desert, a place to go, a destiny itself… Maybe that's why the Creatures had been so conscientious in destroying it. There would be anything more inside their unstable minds, in their primitive actions?

Compass never lies. The Elder and the Kid told me that when I walked together with them at the Edge of Reality. While holding it, I will always find my true journey, my real mission. There it is. It's a small store, an ancient shop no longer closed with a forced and twisted metallic lock. I can still remember how useful were those shops, where it can be found everything, at any time.

It's not that easy now, nor cheap.

We've changed so much. Now, all is more complicated, harder. Nothing makes think of that shop being the safest place in the city – condemned to be shadows and ashes. Nevertheless, it will be inside where I will find what I'm searching.

No, no, no, no… Damn it! How could I have been so stupid? My left side is burning; that monster was about of totally pierce through me. Shit! I’ve been fooled, they deceived me… This attack, all this ruined city… Everything was here to kill me. They slaughter all these people just to stopping me.

Run, don’t stop, go away from here. I try yelling to get the little girl understand it, but I’m barely able to do some stupid gestures. My fever is growing, and I’m choking. Soon I’ll become one of Them. Flee, little girl; leave…

I start losing have power over my own body, my sight becomes cloudy. Where is the girl? I think I’m bleeding to death… Why hadn’t they devoured me yet? Why didn’t take the advantage to destroy me? They wish me to be part of what they are, that’s their revenge: to destroy my soul and becoming one of those that I've been fighting so long. I hope the girl is intelligent enough for leaving. At least, in this battle, I had defeated them again; I did it, beast from the Underworld, I won. I’d saved the girl.

The girl… I hope really having saved her. Mika … She won’t be so fortunate. My daughter, I couldn’t do it; I couldn’t … I cannot breathe. Do I am on my knees? Am I vomiting? Mika, I … I’m not able to move anymore, I’m not sure of what’s real or a dream.

Am I listening flute sound? Am I dying? Mika…

My head is about to explode. I’d always thought dying would be different, that I won’t feel any pain, or loss, and I won’t be conscious of being defeated. I’m not dead, I know that. In barely second I realized that and, having saw what the Creatures do, what I must be right now, I haven’t turned. There are two miracles I don’t deserve that I don’t know whom to thank. I must be dead. That would be a fair punishment for being fooled, for losing the girl. I’m stupid, I ever was.

I’m nude. A bandage is covering wounds and a sweet scent told me about some kind of remedy for healing them. Whoever is, he knows what to do. My side still burning, but the pain is as persistent as acceptable. How long had I been asleep? Where am I? I’ll need a few minutes for being capable of getting up, I’m weak, exhausted. Likely, I’d been feverish.

Darkness embraces me, I could let it rocks me a little more time, abandon myself in sleep… but Kira… She pulls of me, I must get up, I must… Wait, I can hear whispering. There is more than one person behind the surrounding walls. How many? Who are they? Friends or foes? Only a single thing I can do: unveil it.

I shouldn’t yet get up, I realized that, but I must do it. There’s no time. He’s waiting for me; either I’ll bring the girl to him or else Kira… Damn it! How have I been trapped by Them? My head… I must lean again, at least until my eyes adapt to the half-light, till I can stand up without falling once more.

I cannot get up, I can’t do it! If I’m late, if it takes me too much, my daughter will die. He always fulfills his threats. I need to recover the Compass, my weapons; I need to find a kid. I must get up, I have to…

The metal grill sounds like hell. I opt to lifting it up only a few inches; enough to allow me crossing through. Before entering, I check around, all is silence, nothing moves nearby, Compass still points towards the inside of the shop. I go into it without hesitation and roll to what it looks a turned over desk, stopping in the darkness. I cannot yet sense any noise from the outer, apart from the whistle of the wind. Good. Shop is bigger than it seemed outside, with three large corridors full of empty shelves. One of them is obstructed by fallen boards.

I close my eyes and stop breathing. And then, I can hear a respiration coming from the back, sheltered in the deepest shadows.

It's very cold in here. Much more than outside. I feel the exhaled fear of who awaits me in the back. It's always the same. I come to save them, but they are invariably terrified. They're afraid of me. Kids who had survived the plague, who had surpassed hundreds of perils, who had fought face to face with Beasts several times, are frightened of me, a human sent to take them to a secure place. I hadn't ever understood that. True, the City has a dark legend, a truculent story I suffer and for what I am here, right now. But, this is the compensation. I think inhabitants of the unique safe major city on Earth are fortunate, despite all, even me. She's moving, trying to hide from me. She cannot, it's impossible to do it; I always find what I search, although I wouldn't like what I'll find. I am the best, the only one capable of go back and forth restlessly to the City.

I’m still immersed in my own thoughts when I stumble upon her. A baby girl, with her hair dirty and tangled, her clothes ripped and stained with mud and blood. How long had she been at the streets? How much had she suffered? She tries to flee from me, to run, to drag herself away of my reach. She hasn’t nowhere to go. The place is absolutely secured, but also a trap. Notwithstanding of the darkness I see her thinness; maybe she’d been several days without eating. When I finally move next to her and sit along, I think I can feel she’s sighing with resignation.

She won’t escape; they never do once I sit aside. The heat, the need for company is enough. I offer her a chocolate bar and, after a few minutes, she accepts it. When I sense she’s calmer, that she won’t go away from me even if I try to, we stand up. We need to exit the shop.

The mission is fulfilled.

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